Tuxford Town Council

Tuxford Town Council is the first tier of local government in Bassetlaw. It is the tier closest to the people who live and work in Tuxford and is, therefore, often the first point of contact for them.

Tuxford Collage

The Council has been in existence since 1894, formerly as a parish council and has 15 Councillors who live, work, own a property or run a business in Tuxford. The councillors are unpaid and receive no attendance or any other allowance. There is no party political system in the Council. People have become councillors because they care about the town and feel they can make a contribution to improving it for the benefit of residents, business people and visitors.

The Council provides a wide range of services – some directly and others on behalf of other local government organisations in the area such as A1 Housing (Bassetlaw) and Nottinghamshire County Council. These services include: grass cutting, litter collection, floral displays, Christmas lights and market, maintenance and management of the cemetery and the allotments, general maintenance around the town, finding sources of grant and applying for grants to pay for new projects, preparation and monitoring of the Council’s budget and accounts, considering planning applications, keeping all necessary records, dealing with correspondence, ordering, paying bills and administering the Council’s meetings.

The Council employs a Town Clerk to manage its activities and three handymen (two full-time and one part-time) to carry out the maintenance work. Contact details for the Councillors and the Clerk can be found by clicking on the buttons below.

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